Sunday, November 4, 2012

NaNoWriMo Check In: Day #4, Morning

Well, I am not knocking this shit out of the park.

But that's totally okay.

I was inspired reading a post at Running Around The Bucket, and have amended my NaNo goal. I am still hopefully making it to 50,000 words, but my true goal is just don't give up, like I have every other time I've attempted this little challenge. Even if I start nearing the end of the month and the full 50k isn't attainable, I will not surrender! I WILL NOT FALL. I WILL BE CHAMPION.

I'm trying to get back into my writing groove, where the words just pour out of me at a pace faster than I can type...actually, that's not true. Have I mentioned I'm a bad ass typist? Well, I am. One of the very few skills I will blatantly brag about without a hint of humility. I fucking pound the shit out of a keyboard and type something like 90 WPM if I'm trying. That's sexy, right? Totally.

I'm still enjoying the symptoms of writer's block. Pulling the words out of my brain is a slow and tricky process. Occasionally I find moments of inspiration and a whole paragraph forms right before my eyes, but usually it's painstakingly slow going just crafting a single sentence. And I know, I know you aren't supposed to edit, but what I do isn't really's just part of my process. I write the bare bones of a scene and go back and flesh it out with detail and deeper thought...which kind of feels a lot like editing...

But it's crawling along.

The story I'm writing begins with the breakup of an almost decade long relationship. My main character, Lilly, enjoying a quarter life crisis, cashes out on her car and her job and her friendships and flees to travel the world and fall in REAL TRUE LOVE. Or in theory she will, if I ever get her there. Definitely a little "Eat Pray Love" I suppose, which I haven't actually read and probably should if I'm ripping it off.

I knew I would need to pick a story and a topic I can really get lost in, and I think a bit of wish fulfillment is just the thing. I know I'll get wrapped up in describing the parts of the world I've traveled to or the ones I dream of, and the underlying romance will give me a bit of vicarious thrill. And to steal a piece of advice heard from a longtime NaNo-er, any time I get stuck, I'm throwing in a sex scene. WOOHOO SEX.

Fiction Word Count: 2,059
Blog Word Count: 2,184
Total: 4,243

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! You'll find your groove and when you do the words will just spill out.