Saturday, November 3, 2012

Home At Last

I do not like when I wake up and the ever-present hair tie on my wrist (seen in every photograph taken of me ever) has rolled up my chubby arm to the point where it has been cutting off my circulation for lord knows how long and will remained indented for a good few hours now.

But that small inconvenience matters not. First of all, it's the freaking weekend. CHEERS. So there's that.


I am actually as happy as a clam right now. That is, if that clam had no fear of being made into delicious chowder. Last night, I registered my domain name, and I now have a home at:

I know, right? I'm so fucking fancy, dudes.

Update your bookmarks, my precious readers. I can still be found at my Blogspot address, by why go there when you can go here

You might see some more changes soon...a new layout? Some new ads? WHO KNOWS? 

Keep coming back. I'll pay you in cookies. 

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