Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"I scream like a child, my insides went wild..."

One of my neighbors has the slightly irritating habit of coming home and finishing a song before they get out of their car. This isn't the world's worst neighborly behavior, but it bugs. A of all, they blast their music, and b of all, my apartment is suspended over the parking sports, and I leave my windows open.'s loud. It's really loud.

And annoying.

But at least they have great taste in tunes.

The first time I heard Rihanna's "We Found Love" was in this manner, at maybe eleven at night as I tried to fall asleep. It was kind of magical, actually. The other night, they arrived home at a much more reasonable hour, and from my couch I used the Shazam app to find out who was singing.

And now it's my new fave.

Thanks, obnoxious neighbor!

(For the official video, go here. Silly Vevo doesn't allow embedding.)

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