Friday, November 2, 2012

Things I Hate

*When I reach out to pick up a can of soda or a water bottle and I expect it to be full, but it's empty. Or vice versa. Throws me off.

*When I am the first damn car at a light, and I do not have my turn signal on, but some asshole pulls up next to me in the right turn lane to try and cut me off.

*When I think I'm looking soooo cute strutting in front of Cute Co-Worker's desk in my sexy leather boots...and totally trip in a very un-graceful fashion.

*When I need just a few items at the grocery store after work, and it's busy, and I'm tired, so I use the self-checkout, and get stuck behind some idiot who has never used the machines before and decides peak traffic time is the perfect time to learn.

*When people cannot be bothered to read more than the first sentence of an email, and ask me endless questions that they would know the answers to if they read my fucking email.

*And finally, when there's something delicious-looking in the display case at Starbucks, and I can't have it because I specifically didn't bring money so I wouldn't buy something delicious.

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