Sunday, November 18, 2012

Malibu Sunday

I met my college bestie in Malibu today for lunch and a girly gab sesh. I don't know why I don't go out there more, I love driving on the Pacific Coast Highway, I love being so close to the ocean and smelling a hint of salt in the air, I love the ridiculous people who inhabit that part of LA. It makes for some excellent people watching, that's for sure. No celebrity sightings today, although I did see an older woman who looked incredibly familiar to me. I hope one day a paparazzo mistakes me for someone famous and harasses me with a camera, that would be awesome. It's on my Bucket List.

We had lunch at the Malibu Country Mart, and GO ME, I had a salad instead of allowing myself to be tempted by Mexican food. Mmm...burrrrrito...anyways. Then we just wandered around, checking out all the stores we can't afford. Yes, I would love a t-shirt with a scene from "Romeo & Juliet" printed on it, no, I will not pay $64 dollars for it. I confess I molested a red Herve Leger dress, it will be making an appearance in my dreams. Kitson is one of my favorite places to browse, they have such a random assortment of overpriced hilarious things. I was tempted to buy a bunch of useless crap I don't need, which to me is the sign of a good store. We made friends with the girls working there and talked about "The Vampire Diaries" for at least 10 minutes. Oh, DamonI did buy some new Benefit foundation at Sephora, I'm hoping it makes me luminous. And also, eyebrow powder. It's amazing how I walked in saying, "I don't need any new makeup..." and walked out $60 poorer. And I was tempted to spend even more. Oh well, the price we pay to be beautiful. I was throughly amused, however, by the selection of "fat girl" products made by Bliss...apparently I can obtain a six pack for $30something dollars. Intriguing...

Another thing to be proud of: on the entire drive to Malibu I could not stop thinking about a cupcake from Crumbs. I even said to my friend that I was planning to get one. I was in "fuck it" mode. But somehow, I resisted. Like a BOSS.

On the way home, I pulled over twice on the PCH to take some pictures. The ocean was calling to me, and after yesterday's wonderful rainstorm I knew the views would be incredible. Sadly, I saw no dolphins. I did however, see a dozen gorgeous beach-side mansions I would be happy to live in. For future reference.

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