Sunday, November 11, 2012

This post will change your life.

First Apology: First day in November I missed posting something. Darn. I was doing so well, averaging 3 a day! I have no excuse, really. Just laziness. Saturday, the day of rest. To make up for it I'm gonna be so chatty today.

Second Apology: I've become that person. That obnoxious person who's like, "Take a picture of me! Take a picture of me! But it's for my blog, so it's totally legit." My poor BFF. Any time I have plans to do anything halfway interesting nowadays, I get excited because I have something to blog about...

I'm only a little bit sad? Just a little?

Yesterday I met up with my parents and The BFF, aka "my favorite people", in Hollywood to enjoy lunch at Delphine at the W Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard and see "The Book of Mormon" at my favorite theater in the world, the Pantages. I used to have a poster of it above my bed in college. It's the most gorgeous art deco explosion of opulence, and I love going there. I always dress up and feel classy. Which is rare. I even parked valet.

Craftily taken from my lap because
apparently they weren't allowing

I love these mirrors.
Awkwardly taken just
before a women moved in
to fix her lipstick. Rude.

Lunch: Everyone else had delicious delicious entrees, burgers with egg and sensational truffle fries and the best tuna sandwich ever. I made the mistake of ordering breakfast, eggs benedict, and it was just...average. Not bad, not good. With a stingy side of potatoes. I've learned my lesson for next time. It's a great restaurant though, just across the street from the theater so a) convenient and 2) lovely atmosphere and also, you know, tasty. And wine. Plus, like a lot of service places in Hollywood, every single waiter was gorgeous. I developed maybe three intense crushes on busboys alone before our meals arrived. So, two thumbs up just for that. A girl needs eye candy wherever she can get it.

"The Book of Mormon": Insanely funny and thoroughly offensive in every possible way. And you know I enjoy offense. And also I fucking love musical theater.There were moments where the humor was a bit too "South Park"-immature for my tastes, which granted I've never watched (I KNOW RIGHT?!), but overall it was sharp and witty. If you didn't know, the show was written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and won a buttload of Tonys. Totally deserved, it really was clever in its mocking and brilliant in its humor and super duper entertaining. Amazing choreography, too, though I probably won't buy the soundtrack. (Yes, I do buy Broadway soundtracks, thankyouverymuch.) You should go if you get the chance and don't mind Jesus calling someone a dick. Which...I approve of the kind of Jesus who would do that, but that's just me. Also: my mommy donated $20 to Broadway Cares, and gave me an adorable tote bag that says, "You simply won't believe how much this bag will change your life!" It is fab and I <3 my mommy.

After the show we went back across the street and up to the roof of the W where my parents and I enjoyed a drink a couple years ago on my birthday. The sun was just setting and the horizon was on fire. I absolutely love fall sunsets. The views up there are incredible, if you ever have the chance you should go up there and soak it in. It was a bit chilly up there (FINALLY) so we went down to Station Hollywood, which is the patio lounge/bar in the hotel. With heaters. Enjoyed a class of wine and chatted before My Favorite People had to drive an hour and a half back to SB. I mean, granted, it took me nearly an hour to get home too...eight miles or so? Oh, LA traffic. But it was absolutely worth it, I had an amazing day with people I love, got some good food and good theater and good times, and great pictures.

Griffith Park Observatory

Capitol Records and my favorite view, the Hollywood sign.
I never said I wasn't a cliche.

I hate my face in this but I also know
I'm hilariously self-critical. And the sky
looks awesome.* 

I wanted in that pool. If it was heated. And if no one
else was there.

(*Only reason I didn't make this an outfit post is that most of this pieces have been on my blog before. I know, repeating outfits. I'm such a sartorial slacker. Also: the dress still fits, but did not look nearly as good as the last time I wore it. Harrumph to me.)

Other things of note: Most of the pictures are unedited. Oh, and I took my real camera with me 'cause I wanted a good picture of me and The BFF. I've been using my iPhone for all my blog photos for the most part and I love the iPhone camera, I think it's great...but wow, I kind of forgot how awesome my real camera is. Note to self. I do feel so touristy pulling it out though, especially on Hollywood Boulevard. And sometimes the phone is just easier. I'm sure you can tell the difference in the pics I posted. It's a fun game, you should play.

Aaand I'm done.

Yeah. This post totally changed your life.

WATCH IT TO THE VERY END. There's something glorious there.

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