Friday, November 2, 2012

Bowling Date Style

Lawyer-To-Be suggested bowling for Date #2. Is there some advice site out there telling dudes to suggest an "activity date" for the second round? The Ginger picked pool, LTB picked bowling. It amuses me. It's a good piece of advice, actually...but am I good at bowling?

I've been bowling maybe once in the last ten years, at a family reunion. And I sucked. Prior to that my last bowling adventures involved black lights, smoke machines and a bunch of 14 year olds in pajamas thinking they were way cool for being out past 10. I warned LTB that I am a terrible if enthusiastic bowler, but I figured my inadequacies would be totally charming, as they most certainly were when I attempted to play pool...right? Right.

We definitely had fun! Drank a few beers, bowled a few frames. I was pretty awful 92% of the time but I did get a turkey (three strikes in a row, biiitch) and broke 100 once. 134, to be precise. We trash talked, we flirted, we laughed. All in all, good time had. Taylor moment: accidentally saying "nice to meet you!" as we parted, instead of the intended "nice to see you!" I'm a hot awkward mess. But I don't think he minded. He earns points for the following things: offering to drive, renting a Zipcar so he could drive, and being super duper cute.

So anyway, I had issues deciding what to wear. I will confess that right now my one pair of jeans are just a smidge tight....but my other pair are a bit too big. And considering the absolutely exhausting physicality of bowling, I definitely wanted to be comfortable and not spend the night hiking my pants up. Not cute. I was thinking leggings + dress, but felt a bit ridiculous wearing a dress to go bowling, even if it was a casual one. And leggings are NOT pants. Then I thought maybe shorts + tights, but the look was a bit too sexy for a night at the lanes...obviously I put a lot of thought into this.

Ultimately, I wore the too big jeans, and sneakily pulled them up whenever he was bowling,  because I'm classy, and rocked my apparent standard 2nd date tank top. Cute and casual and not evident that it took me an unseemly amount of time to get ready.

When you only take one pic, you are
 stuck with your awkward faces FOREVER.
And awkward mirror shots too.
  • Floral Tank by Brandi Melville
  • Black Jeans by Jolt
  • Cardigan by Takeout
  • Flats by Divided from H&M
  • Bow Necklace from Like I Remember...

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