Sunday, November 18, 2012

Writing for the sake of it.

I wish I had something to say.

I've been sitting here for awhile, fingers hovering over the keys of my keyboard, wanting to write, and having no words in my mind. That's the worst. When I feel that itch in my soul, that tingle in my fingers, that desire to sit down and share and create or purge. But nothing comes.


So I'll share with you a few brief little thoughts that have crossed my mind recently, but weren't enough to make their own post:

*One night this week I was lying in bed with my Bentley, and he was up on the top half of my bed facing me. When I faced him, all was well, and he was purring softly as we dozed off to sleep. When I flipped over and turned my back on him, he started whipping me with his tail. I switched positions of few more times to confirm what was going on, and yes: my cat is a dick. He also has taken to sleeping directly on my feet.

*Sometimes I have these moments where I realize I have the attention of someone (a guy, usually) whilst doing something random, and I'm left to wonder: was I just incredibly sexy, or horribly awkward? Example, there were cherries in the kitchen at work one day a while back. I was in there tidying up, picked up a cherry, and brought it to my mouth as I headed for the door. Just then my Work Crush entered, and we locked eyes as I bit into said cherry, and I made some kind of...face. I don't even know. I either looked straight off the cover of Maxim or like the special, landmine friend in a romantic comedy.

*I really need to stop not taking a lunch at work. I end up eating at my desk most of the time, which means I'm sitting there for 9 hours exploring the Internet and being useless, which is really too long indeed. But, then I do make up the time by leaving early occasionally, so that's a plus. I should start trying to take an hour out of the office at least a few days a week. For my sanity. And my productivity. And my, you

Aaaand...yeah. That's it. That's all I have for you right now. You are welcome.

Oh, and this.

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