Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekly Recap #3


That is all.

Weekly Loss: +3.0 (MAY I JUST SAY that on Wednesday I was only 1.0 lbs yeah.)
Total Loss: -2.2 lbs 

Calories Burned: 0
Days Active: 0


Started my day with a piece of my mama's green chile quiche, which is awesome and not the worst thing in the world for me, and had yummy, healthy salads for lunch. Did, however, eat a roll. Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner, and piiiie. But I did not overstuff myself at any point during the day, so that's a win!


Woke up late morning and denied myself breakfast, since my mom and I had plans to go to our fave Mexican place in town. Had shrimp tacos and many chips, but I didn't eat the whole basket so clearly I have the self-control of...Gandhi? Anyway, 'twas delicious. Had dinner out with the parents and ordered potato-crusted salmon with mushroom risotto. Not the worst thing I could have ordered, but not the best. Had a few beers, then had a little dessert when I got home but didn't finish it because I AM A CHAMPION. Or I was full. One of the two.


My mom wanted to experiment with a new recipe and make apple pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. Who was I to deny her this dream? And they were scrumptious. Went to a noon movie with my daddy and feasted on popcorn for lunch, very healthy indeed. Basically I ate nothing with protein until dinner, when I made my parents' chicken rollatini and a salad from Skinny Taste for their anniversary. Totally healthy. Plus wine. Go me.


Had three bites of a banana for breakfast on my drive from SB to LA, but it was mushy so I DID NOT FINISH IT. I do not like mushy bananas. I was hungry when I got to work but too lazy to do anything about it (the only time being lazy has worked for my weight loss), so I just set up an IV full of Diet Coke. I had my favorite Lean Cuisine for lunch, the garlic chicken pasta, then a piece of pita bread with spinach dip, then just had a breakfast sandwich for dinner. I wasn't tracking on paper for the day, but I actually came in significantly under my points for the day, which is not something you're supposed to try to do...but it's better than going over!


Once again, was just not hungry for breakfast. I brought a yogurt to my desk when I got to work, but after 30 minutes of staring at it, I put it back in the fridge. I bought a breakfast burrito and a back of cheddar and sour cream ruffles for lunch, not necessarily a healthy choice but at least it wasn't a bingey choice. I met my mama for dinner and we split an albacore tuna with wonton chips appetizer and a salad with crab cakes. I had a cocktail, and a few glass of champagne while shopping. Once again, maybe not the healthiest choices, but I didn't binge or feel the urge to, so I'm very happy about that.


Breakfast? What's breakfast? I don't know what is up with my appetite lately, but I'm not going to force myself to eat if I'm not hungry. Seems counter-productive. I had a bag of Cheetos around eleven, then dealt with setting up the food for Wednesday lunch. I snacked on a piece of bread, but just wasn't ready for a full meal yet. Then I had a bite of a cookie and a little bitty bundt cake...still not ready for lunch. Had another piece of bread, a few bites of cheese, put away the leftovers and had a few more bites of dessert...still not hungry for a full meal. Had my garlic chicken pasta Lean Cuisine for dinner...and then I was STARVING. So I had a quiche. Then some mini tacos. And some cheese. I wouldn't really classify it as a binge as much as that's what happens when you don't eat real food all day. Lesson learned.


Banana for breakfast. Cheetos at lunchtime, more out of boredom than actual hunger. Then a chai latte. Was not at all hungry but in fear of another night of overeating due to all-day starvation, I got a breakfast burrito around 3:30, and ate the chips that came with it. And snuck a few Skittles from a bag in the kitchen. Went home to find that I had ZERO food in my house. I have no idea how that really happened. So I didn't eat, and I didn't eat, and I didn't eat....and at 9:30 I realized I had butter, eggs, and a box of cookie mix, so I made snickerdoodles. And burned most of them. But had cookies for dinner. Sure.

So, once again, not a great week, but at least I am not feeling uncontrollable bingey-desires. I'm just...not making the greatest choices.

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