Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Boy Report

I suppose when I inform you all about my upcoming dates, I should update you once the date has been...dated.

But, as you've probably figured out, no update more date.

My dinner with Sushi Guy last week was perfectly fine. He was pleasant enough company, cute in a scruffy dorky sort of way, he bought me some delicious fish, laughed at my jokes, it know, fine. He was polite enough, and thanked me via text for coming out to meet him. But he did not request a second date, nor did I want one. But: free dinner. So I consider it a win.

And as for LTB, Mr. Lawyer-To-Be, Mr. He Who Has No Car...meh. As I said last week, I thought we had fun. I mean, we did have fun, I highly doubt I'm so delusional that I interpreted his complete and total boredom as "fun". It wasn't like it was the best date ever or anything, and we didn't have electrifying chemistry, but it was retrospect, I probably shouldn't be so surprised that I didn't hear from him. 'Cause I didn't. Which really is for the best, since he doesn't have a car.

There was one other guy I gave my number to. Super cute, super witty, seemed like fun. But he very quickly killed any shot he had with me. Two days in a row he texted me after 6PM asking to hang out that night, which offends me because I am a lady and I deserve a little forethought. Then he texted me on a Sunday morning at 2AM. No please thank you. Moving on.

Right now, I have no one I'm currently communicating with, and no dates scheduled. The messages I've received lately have reached an all time low---or high, depending on how you think about it.

No worries. I really don't have time for a boyfriend, anyway. 

I'm entirely too busy being self-involved.

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