Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Mourning

Oh I did not want to get out of bed today. No no no NO NO NONONONONO. I snoozed, and I snoozed, and I cuddled the kitty, and I contemplated being late, and I contemplated quitting my job and living in a box under the 405 overpass down the street, and I thought about dying, but finally I dragged my ass out of bed around 8:50 and made it to work on time. Miserable fucking day, Monday. Miserable

In better news, I didn't have cookie dough ice cream for breakfast like I wanted to. So, yay? I bought it on Saturday during a stupid binge and didn't even eat much of it, and it's sitting in my freezer taunting me, but I don't want to throw it away 'cause it was like $5 and I'm broke as a joke. Bah.


I am sitting here, in this office, with with boiling impudent rage overflowing inside me. It has no target. No one has even asked me to do anything today. But I hate.

Things I need to do this week at work so my soul doesn't take its last shuddering breaths and die:

1) Apply to at least 10 jobs.
2) Leave the office every day for lunch so I'm not sitting at this desk for 9 hours.
3) Post five blog posts a day so I can at least feel somewhat productive.
4) Update my budget for the month and face the fact that my mouth is a money pit.
5) Continue to harass my supervisor about a raise.
6) Practice looking like I'm working when I'm not.

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