Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things I will do to avoid spending money.

After my Christmas generosity and too many months of spending too much cash on take-out and fast food...I'm sorta, kinda, not really kinda more like actually, broke. 

So, I cut corners in the following ways. 
  • Take a half a roll of toilet paper from the work bathroom, hide it under my sweater, and scuttle back to my desk all stealthy-like. (Also applies to restaurants, retail stores and movie theaters.)
  • Make a mess of plain chicken, broccoli, and Laughing Cow cheese for dinner---surprisingly tasty.
  • Re-use a sweaty yoga towel so I don't have to waste quarters on laundry. 
  • Turn down a social invite so I don't have to buy gas.
  • Eat tuna three days in a row.
  • Let my floors get disgustingly dirty 'cause I'm out of Swiffer wet wipes.
  • Use Kleenex as paper towel and wonder why it doesn't work.
  • Sleep on sheets with a giant rip up the middle 'cause I can't buy new ones.
  • Put Fat Bentley on a diet. 

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