Sunday, January 20, 2013

Memo to Mother Nature

Southern California has enjoyed an actual winter the last few weeks. I'm talking sub-60 degree temperatures here, people. Extra blankets on my bed, Tree snuggling under the covers for my warmth, sweatshirts and scarves. Rain. Cloudy skies. Breezy mornings.

I love it.

The last few days, however? Unacceptable.

I hopped in my car the other day at lunch to run an errand, glanced at the thermostat in my car, and was shocked to see it read 80 degrees.

What the flying fuck?

Bring me my winter back. None of this sunshine and 75 business, like today. People frolicking about in sundresses. I don't approve. It's JANUARY.

In protest, I have turned on Rainy Mood, and opened all my windows.

Bring back the cold.

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