Tuesday, January 22, 2013


13 Reasons Nice Guys Are The Worst

Yeah, you knew I'd be all over this, as I clearly am championing the "nice guy backlash".

I just can't get enough Buzzfeed lately. I LOVE LISTS. And big fat doggies.

Top 10 Most Misunderstood Lines In Literary History

I will admit, I did learn a few things from this. #5 was like, ohhh.... Click, read, learn.

The Quest to Ban Cats in New Zealand

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! First New Zealand, THEN WHAT'S NEXT? This will not stand. I mean...yay birds and all, maybe just keep the kitties inside? Okay. Problem solved.

Five Injured In Accidental Shootings on Gun Appreciation Day

Well, that makes sense.

Beyonce LipSynched: Coping with the 7 Stages of Star-Spangled Grief

I DON'T BELIEVE IT. But this article is hilarious.

This Is The Joke That Had Michelle Obama Rolling Her Eyes at John Boehner

More inauguration update: why did FLOTUS roll her eyes?

And my fave inauguration quote...

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