Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brain Freeze

I really need to start carrying a little moleskin notebook around in my purse like a pretentious poet or ironic hipster. I sweat to you I've thought of half a dozen different post ideas over the last few days and I think to myself, "That's a good idea!" and then once I actually sit down at my computer I totally forget what my idea was. Brain freeze.


In related news, I am slowly paring down the draft folder on my blog. It usually hovers around 40-45 and I have it down to 30. That's mighty impressive, I have to say. If you;re curious, any time there's a random post that's super long with lots of gifs, I've probably been working on it for weeks.

I guess this has become a blog admin post. Well, that's nice! Always good to check in.



1) Averaging 4-5 posts this month, which has been my standard for the last few. I'm pretty impressed with myself. I'm just so awesome.
2) Also, quite egotistical, no?
3) I really want to start writing more posts that stand on their own, as opposed to just constantly talking about myself. Not that I'm not fascinating. But you know...I should write about, you know...the world. Or shit like that.
4) I also need to get back to my fashion posts. I just haven't, well...wanted to take pictures of myself.
5) So stay tuned! Exciting things to gifs.

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