Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Night Links

Good evening, folks! I hope all as well. I've had an okay day, you know, doin' my thang. Okay, fine, hanging out with Bentley. But he's pretty good company.

Links? Sure!

I recommend you listen to a current song obsession, from a band I'm seeing at the end of February, and do a little clicking.

What Your Favorite Book In Sixth Grade Says About You

Stolen from a friend on Facebook, this cracks my shit up. It's a tie between "The Outsiders" and "The Witch Of Blackbird Pond", though I did love me some SVH and BSC...

How Well Do You Know Clueless?

20/22, biiitch. And one was an accident. Excuse me, now I need to go watch this movie and recite all the lines. BRB.

Least Likely To Be Adopted

I saved this link a few months ago and never got around to posting it. A professional photographer took pics of the dogs that had been at her local shelter the longest. They all ended up getting adopted. D'AWWW.

Photo by LaNola Stone

This Job Listing For An Office Manager Is The Most Manic Piece Of Fan Fiction You'll Read All Week

Oh god, I just...I can't even. The most ridiculous employment ad ever, made fun of oh-so-deliciously.

""No two days will ever be identical," the listing promises and this is true, in the sense that each day is given its own unique date on our modern Gregorian calendar, and that each sunrise marches you one step closer to your inevitable demise."

Sleeping Puppy Melts Under Its Own Cuteness


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