Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Sincere apologies to Matt Damon..."

I've never really been a late night show person. There was a brief love affair with Jon Stewart in my youth, and of course I was into Conan when he was fighting the Man and NBC, but a of all, I don't have cable, and b of all, when I did have cable, I don't usually stay up late enough. Boohoo, I'm a grandma.

But of course, the Internet has been abuzz the last couple days with news of Matt Damon taking over Jimmy Kimmel's show. Apparently there's a long-standing faux feud between the two, exacerbated by Jimmy signing off of his show every night (or most nights? not sure and don't feel like checking) with something along the lines of "Apologies Matt Damon, we ran out of time for him."



Okay, I have always liked Matt Damon, he's a wonderful actor and seems like a great husband and father and person, but he wasn't one of my passions, like Le Fassbender. But after watching this whole show I am officially a fan, and he is my new love. Anyone with the amount of fame and success that he has who is still willing to commit to this kind of joke is a winner. AN ADORABLE VINDICTIVE WINNER. As Lainey said, this isn't the kind of thing that he just showed up and did one night---he took the time to rehearse and perform in a medium considered "lesser" than his own, and I love that lack of ego.

Over the course of the show, Matt brought out a bevy of famous guests from Robin Williams to Nicole Kidman to Andy Garcia to cameos from Don Cheadle and Emily Blunt, but plenty of them had never been on the show before.  The show was peppered with hilarious jabs at Jimmy and man, was I entertained. 

A few bits I loved best:

Or you can just watch the whole episode here.

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