Friday, January 25, 2013

WW Recap 1/18-1/24: Movin' On Up

This week started off as shitty as every other week I've had for the last six months, if not worse, but I woke up on Monday morning and things just seemed a little different, a little brighter, a little softer. Like magic. I've been solidly on track since then, and I had no desire to weigh myself today. Why should I? I'm eating right, I'm doing well, I don't need to invite the potential pitfall of seeing a number I definitely won't like. The number is inconsequential anyway. I'm going to keep on keepin' on, and see how it this week goes.


1) Track every day, even if I go "in the red". (Not quite, missed Fri/Sat/Sun but nailed the last four days.)
2) Go to yoga twice. (Once.)
3) Make at least one new recipe. (COOKING IS HARD. I did make dinner every night this week, but just basic stuff like quesadillas. Microwave cookin'.)
4) Read 2 books. (One! Russell Brand's "My Booky Wook". It was just okay.)
5) Do something social. (Well, not so much.)

Goals for next week?

Let us see.

1) Track every day. (Sounds familiar...)
2) Go to yoga twice. (Wait a minute...)
3) Make at least one new recipe. (DEJA VU.)
4) Read a book. (Oh, just one this time?)
5) Do something social. (Seriously.)

Yeah, I'm pretty much sticking with what's working. No need to push myself to do too much, as that is usually my downfall I find. 

Good week. Go me. 

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