Friday, January 11, 2013

Linked Up

Some people go out on Friday nights, get their drink on, get down with their bad selves.

I do not.

I compile awesome links for you.


The 40 Greatest Dog Gifs of 2012


The Best Jennifer Lawrence Quotes of 2012

See above. I just love her so much. Why can't we be friends? I live in LA, she lives in LA, we're both weird as fuck, we can get coffee and make fun of each other and talk about her breakup. PLEASE?!

Buzzfeed just has the best shit. #11 KILLS ME.

Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie

So worth reading. That ginger bitch is a flaming asshole but still so, so entertaining to gossip about. I might actually have to see this film, out of some car-wreck fascination.

Good Will Hunting: An Oral History

Speaking of good reads, this article inspired me to watch Good Will Hunting again and it was just as amazing as I remembered. I recommend you do the same.

True Oscar Posters

Heh. I definitely agree with the Django Unchained one, this is basically my review.

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