Monday, January 21, 2013


Happy MLK Day!

And Inauguration Day!

And Mon-Day!

Not Happy Mon-Day...

'Cause I'm at work. No day off for meeee.

But on the bright side:

  • I started the day with kitty snuggles. Bentley really is so soft to nuzzle, I wonder what kind of conditioner he uses...
  • I had a phone interview today for a job I really want, and it went pretty well, though I wish it paid more. Plus I have an in-person one in an hour for a job I don't want at all, and thus I'm not nervous. And it will get me out of the office for awhile.
  • I got to speak a little French at work to a guy looking for Social Security. (Okay, okay, that was on Friday, but it still makes me happy.)
  • I'm wearing my hair in a sock bun for the first time in ages and I really look adorbs. I should do this more often.
  • I'm in a good mood---can't you tell?
  • I had a healthy breakfast and have no desire to binge. At least, not right now. 
  • I finished all seven seasons of Sabrina this weekend and now I can resist the magical pull of the television this week. Maybe. 
  • It's sunny outside and while I bitched about it last night, today it's kinda okay.
  • The day is flying by!

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