Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Link It Up

Les Mean Girls

Courtesy of the BFF, Mean Girls meets Les Miserables. GENIUS.

If Pop Stars Were Birds These Are The Birds They'd Be

Heh. Fairly self-explanatory.

Tina Fey confirms plans to adapt 'Mean Girls' musical

What? WHAT?! WAAAAAT?!?!?11?1!!? First a Spice Girls musical, now THIS? It's like someone up there loves me.

25 Things Cats Are Secretly Obsessed With

Oh Buzzfeed, it's like you were made JUST FOR ME.

"Cats enjoy a robust salad because secretly 
most cats hate themselves. They like 
to pretend that salad is food, and that
 their tears are tears of joy."

And via Jezebel I bring you...dogs. On treadmills.

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