Friday, January 25, 2013

Movie Moments

I tend to think very cinematically. Driving down Santa Monica Boulevard, blasting some Florence + The Machine, I imagine myself as the star of some emotional and inspirational indie film. Standing in the shower, belting out Kelly Clarkson, I am the heroine of a cheesy romantic comedy. Home alone at night watching SVU, a storm brewing outside my window, I start to worry I'm in the beginning scenes of a horror film, or maybe an intellectual thriller.

You know about my fantasies. When I can't sleep, or when I'm trying to distract myself, or when I just need to kill time, or life just seems a little too boring, I retreat into the depths of my own imagination and watch movies in my head, starring me. The stories will last for days or even weeks, every time picking up where I left off or re-imagining favorite moments. They're usually romance-based. Often I'm famous in some way. Sometimes I'm in recently out of a coma. Sometimes I'm French.

There are certain things I would love to have happen in my life (not a coma), movie moments that seem like they'd bring excitement to my humdrum life. Such as two guys physically fighting over me. I know I know, violence is BAD, and aggression is not sexy, and I'm a damn feminist, and ladeeda...but that just seems like it would make an epic story, straight out of a script.

I have not had many events in my life thus far that really stand out as movie moments, but for your amusement...

*On my second date with the Original Ginger he ended up coming back to my place to watch Planet Earth. Sure. So I made him wait at the bottom of the stairs for five minutes while I frantically tidied my place...just like I was right out of romantic comedy, "Love Actually"-style.

*You know how in movies they always have the poor awkward girl standing by the wall and she sees someone wave enthusiastically at her and she waves back, but they weren't looking at her? That happens to me all the time.

*Any time a little smile, hair flip or extra-niceness gets me something free. I know, I know, I'm awful and I abuse my feminine wiles whilst abhorring the misogynistic tendencies of our society, but you know what? I'm poor, and I like free shit, and if some nice fellow wants to give me something for being sweet to him, I will not complain.

*Whenever my girlfriends and I are hanging out somewhere fabulous and talking ever-so-philosophically about our lives, analyzing every detail and moment.

*I don't often get in fights with people, but when I do they are cinematically epic. And I fight dirty.

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