Friday, January 11, 2013

WW Recap 1/4-1/10: Better Than Bad

Aaaand we're back, with weekly Weight Watchers check-ins! The format is going to change a bit from the ones I did last year: I don't think a day by day review is really necessary, or all that interesting, and at least right now, I don't need to be keeping a running tally of what I lost. 'Cause that number is meaningless anyway, right? It just matters where I'm going, not where I started out.


January 4th-January 10th, 2013

This week was okay. I give myself a solid C.

My ultimate goal right now is just to do better. I always demand perfection from myself and when I inevitably fail, it just sends me into a tailspin. I'm not trying for perfect right now. I just want better.

And I would say this week moved in that direction.

I was 0.4 lbs up today from last week, which is basically nothing, and I'm not mad about it. It could have been worse. I started off really well last week on Friday, Saturday was great up until dinner time, then there was ill-advised binging and an "I just don't give a fuck" attitude for the rest of the weekend. BUT, NO MCDONALDS. That's a win.

Monday-Wednesday were pretty good, not perfect, not completely within my WW points, close though, but there were no out of control binges...just the occasional nibble on something naughty. Yesterday was snack snack snacky at work, but I had a normal dinner. Overall I'm definitely moving away from the terrible eating habits I've had for the last few months, and while I still find myself fighting bad urges, it's getting easier. 

As far as my goals from Sunday:

1) Stay OP through Friday. I can do this. Yes I can. YesIcanyesIcan. (Not quite.)
2) Go to yoga at least once. Just once. ONCE IS NOTHING. (Woohoo, success!)
3) Get some damn groceries and make some damn food. No. More. Takeout. (Not so much. I ate nothing but frozen dinners this week...and sushi.)
4) Leave my laptop at work at least 2 days this week. (Three, actually. BOOM.)
5) Do something, anything, besides watch TV. Perhaps a craft. (You betcha, read a lot and did some knitting!)

Overall I'm not too down on myself about this past week. I really had hoped that the second the calendar switched over to 2013 there would be some magical shift in my brain and I'd be back to my normal, healthy self, but alas that's not the case. That's okay though. Rome wasn't built in a day, etc. 

And next week? Will be better.


1) Track every day, even if I go "in the red".
2) Go to yoga twice. 
3) Make at least one new recipe.
4) Read 2 books.
5) Do something social. 

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