Wednesday, January 23, 2013

25 Before 25


It's 50 days till my birthday.


I fucking love my birthday. I'm not sure I've admitted this to you before, but I'm guessing you could have figured it out by my peppy spirit, self-centeredness, and emotional immaturity. Woohoo birthday!

25, baby. Quarter century. Officially an adult, I suspect, though I kind of hate that fact. Halfway through my twenties. On my way to 30. Old enough to rent a car without paying fees. Old enough to date guys with real jobs and 401ks. Old enough to know better.

50 days. I like pink, caramel, emeralds, chick lit, and guys with nice shoulders. If you're shopping.

50 days? I can get a lot done in 50 days.

And thus, I present!

25 Before I'm 25
(Note to self: There ain't no pressure here, baby. Just a random list of things that, you should do. If you don't get all of 'em done, you don't get 'em done. But do try. Kay. Bye.)
(Oh hi again. As you complete one of the following, please bold. Kthxbye.)

1. Hike to the Hollywood sign. (I've wanted to do it ever since I moved to LA, and I just haven't yet.)
2. Post on my blog every day.
3. Write some fiction.
4. Read five books.
5. Knit something.
6. Give away clothes to charity.
7. Find somewhere to volunteer. Barbara Ireland Walk on March 16th!
8. Clean out my car. (It's a pigsty.)
9. Organize my desk. (Samesies.)
10. Bathroom too. (Yup.) Plus I did my vanity!
11. And bookcase.
12. And nightstand.
13. Cuddle with the kitty. (Easy!) SO MUCH.
14. Go to yoga a few times. (Sure!)
15. And do yoga at home. (Okay!)
16. Get my car washed.
17. Get my windshield wiper blades changed.
18. Get my hair cut.
19. Re-arrange my various knickknacks.
20. Buy flowers at the farmer's market.
21. Take down my Christmas lights.
22. Organize my fridge.
23. Try to be healthier.
24. Try to be happier.
25. Love myself.


  1. My daughter has the same birthday as you! She'll be 5 this year. I love your list and wish you all the best!

    1. Oh that's awesome! 3/14? (I think I counted out 50 days right haha.)

      You can tell your awesome Pisces daughter that we share a birthday with Albert Einstein (she's destined to be smart), Billy Crystal, and Taylor Hanson. Also, Pi Day, 3.14andsoon.

      Best birthday!

    2. Yes, 3/14! She actually has been labeled "gifted" by her teachers, so that Albert Einstein thing is accurate :) (Don't know where she got it from though..) And I absolutely love that it's Pi Day!

  2. I have 33 days till I turn 30. :*( No but really, 30 isn't that old. Right?

    1. Definitely not! 30 is the new 20 for sure. I refuse to get sad about getting older until I'm maybe 35. Then I'll shave a few years off.

  3. Just turned 29 today!! (Only 365 more days until I turn the BIG 3-0) I was thinking of doing the same exact thing, making a list of 29 things to do while I'm dont be surprised if I steal (ok...borrow) a few ideas off of your list (which is great BTW)LOL

    GOOD LUCK with the list...cant wait to see all of your progress!

    1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! You are welcome to steal whatever you like from my list!