Sunday, January 20, 2013

Perfection: A Tutorial


  1. God, Taylor, grow up and get a clue. There is no such thing as perfection - in anything. Lose the word, lose the concept. Stop setting yourself up for failure evey day. It 's like you WANT to fail so you have an excuse. God forbid you should set a realistic goal and attempt to meet it. Nope, you set 5, meet none and then go to bed for a week. It's getting tiring. You're almost 25. Please stop acting like you're 15.

    1. 1) Well THAT wasn't very nice, was it?
      2) Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension skills: none of these quotes have anything to do with ACTUALLY BEING PERFECT.
      3) You're kinda dumb.

    2. That was really mean spirited. Everyone has their own pain and challenges in their lives. What makes you think it's your right to judge her? She's brave enough to share her struggles with the world and that is something to be respected. You have a right to your own opinion but not totry to bring someone else down with it. if you have such a problem with her then WHY ARE YOU READING HER BLOG?!? Our world would be a much nicer place if people learned to forgive and accept, if people stopped spending so much time ANONYMOUSLY bashing others and refocused that energy on doing good.

      Taylor - Keep up the good work. A lot of people admire your strength. Continue to move forward and don't let cowardly people bring you down.