Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mood Enhancers

Clearly, a switch has flipped. The thing I've been waiting for.

'Cause every day this week, I've just felt better and better, more focused and more sure, and right now I'm in a fucking fantastic mood. Best in ages.

The following reasons contribute to this joy:

  • Little elephants.
  • My amazing motherton went to CottonOn today in SB to replace the two shirts I shrank. I LOVE HER MUCH.
  • I am cleaning out my nightstand (oh yeah, tackling the list), and found an old wallet. In the wallet was an old Bloomingdales gift card. I called to check if there was anything left on it: $28 bucks! Then found a Nordstrom one: $13! I'M RICH BITCH. Obviously I'm now exploring their online sale sections. Then: $3 each to Trader Joe's and motherfuckin' PINKBERRY. Heyo. JOY.
  • Just finished up my third day straight of being totally on track with my eating. And it gets easier every day. Imagine that.
  • I found three quarters.
  • This guy. Look at him, rolling around on my freshly vacuumed rug, not giving a fuck, refusing to stay still for a picture. Now we're snuggling. Love the bastard.

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