Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life Fantasies

I have a imagination. Just for funsies, I often come up with elaborate scenarios to keep my mind occupied in the dullest of moments. I follow the same fantasy for days, weeks, picking up where I left off, creating years of drama in my mind. And when I apply for a job, or make plans to see a concert, or think of the future, I don't just think of what is. My brain instantly jumps to all that could be, and then I get to day dreamin'.

Right now, I'm thinking long term.

And so I present.

My Top Three Life Fantasies (As Of Today, Subject To Change With My Whims)

1) I get this job that I'm interviewing for on Friday, which is fashion-related. Which is fabulous-related. I move to a (slightly) cheaper apartment closer to their offices, which is also closer to Hollywood and all the hip happenings that I currently do not partake in because I am a hermit. I suddenly develop a life and meet new people and have a Friends-style existence on the West Coast, without a Ross 'cause he's obnoxious.

2) I stay at my job just a little while longer, and either prostitute myself, win the lottery, or borrow a ton of money from my parents to do yoga teacher training at my studio. I then move back to Santa Barbara and teach at the new studio they're opening in May, and get a part-time office-y job of some kind being useful and making obscene amounts of money to pay back my 'rents whilst living with them for a bit. I keep up with my blog and start writing fiction, get a book deal, buy a house with a view, and travel around the world being zen and witty and fabulous. I'm thinking Sex and the City, in a beach town.

3) I'm walking down the street, and run into someone. Man, woman, inconsequential. This person gasps and says, "YOU. You are the woman I saw in my head when I wrote this Black List script! From my dreams! I MUST CAST YOU IN MY FILM." And then I'm a famous actress, just like that. I cannot think of a TV show equivalent. But obviously I will have a gang of bestest buds, so let's go with How I Met Your Mother. I'm Robin Scherbatsky, but not a journalist.

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  1. I live in fantasies too. Sometimes I forget what is my real life and what is the life I'm just pretending to have!