Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Swimming in your world is something spiritual..."

It's been a "thing" for awhile now for hip-hop/pop songs to sample classic oldies in between bursts of electronica or auto-tune. Basically, they appropriate awesome songs to make their songs better than crap. Capitalizing on our nostalgia. Flo Rida is the biggest offender of this.

I realize I sound like I'm criticizing. I am. But of course, I still find the songs damn catchy and put them on my Vegas playlists and dance around to them in my underwear. So who am I to judge?

That was all intended to be a preamble to a little Bruno Mars. When I heard "Locked Out Of Heaven" I said to myself, "Self, that's some Police-ness right there." And I was down, if judgy. It was immediately stuck in my head.

Turns out I'm wrong.

Sorry, Bruno.

But come on. You can't tell me these don't sound basically the same. "Your sex takes me to paradise..." feels just like the repeated "sending out an SOS" at the end.  Am I crazy?

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