Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things of note.

Granted, I haven't done much of note the last few days. Or anything of note, really. Unless you count taking a shower, that was a big one. There's really only so much I can say about how comfortable my bed is and how snuggly Tree is when I'm sad and  how much I hate my life right now and how I'm almost not sick anymore, maybe. But you know, I still have things to share. 'Cause I'm a motormouth. SO PAY ATTENTION TO ME.

*Someone found my blog by Googling "can I wear a skirt on a bowling date?" This made my day. And the answer is no, unless you really want to do some panty-flashing. Though, with tights and a casual dress, this could I'm confused. Thanks for that, random Googler.

*Speaking of random: got an anonymous comment that really wasn't so anonymous and it's just thoroughly entertaining to me when people from my past are like "um, hi?" And randomly follow me on Twitter and shit. Hilarious.

*I have a naughty confession. After linking to the article re: La Lohan next week, I got a little curious about this James Deen bloke. And I took to Google. And I read this and this and his blog (NSFW!). And maybe I watched some porn, for research and education. And now I have a crush on a porn star. I can't help it, I love the Jewish boys.

*Did I ever tell you that mean mean man who yelled at me got fired? Well he did. KARMA IN YOUR FACE BITCH.

*I have an interview tomorrow and one on Monday, but neither are for jobs that I really want. But hey, practice! I also got an inquiry via LinkedIn about a job at a fashion company and now I have this glorious fantasy running in my head about working in that industry. It'll happen.

*I feel the need to have one more thing of note to make this list complete, but I have totally exhausted my brain. I don't have anything else. LOOK KITTIES.

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