Thursday, January 17, 2013


*tap tap*

Is this thing on?


Oh, there we go. HI GUYS.

I have nothing to say.

But I have links.

Dogs Like Socks

First, this. I inexplicably love this so much, I can't stop giggling.

The Story Of A Man Who Outsourced His Work To China So He Could Watch Cat Videos All Day

Well, obviously. This man is a genius and a philanthropist.

17 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence Won The Golden Globes

Courtesy of a friend trying to cheer me up, I bring you gifs of my future BFF. "I beat Meryl!" Classic. Thanks  Buzzfeed, for always indulging my girl crushes.

How To Be Irreplaceable

A little self-help from Thought Catalog. Something that struck me: " times I'll catch myself in the middle of an Oscar-worthy performance, acting instead of simply being". Well that'

Jay-Z Lyric Or Line From The Great Gatsby?

Heh. I'm amused. And also, I failed. I am neither gangsta NOR classy enough.

Cat Actually Wins At Cup Game

And finally, please observe the smartest kitty ever. Actually, no. Bentley is smarter, 'cause he'd never lower himself to be taught a silly human game.

HEY LOOK THIS WAS A REAL POST. I am a rock star.

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