Friday, January 4, 2013

Incentivize This Shit

Here I go again.

Goals are fun. Rewards are motivating. It's important to track your progress and acknowledge your successes. Etc. So forth. So on.

I was a full five pounds down today from Wednesday, so I am the happiest of campers. I mean, sure, I guess I would be happier if I magically lost TEN pounds, but let's not get greedy. Five pounds of bloat is sizeable. So, my starting weight for this little endeavor is 163.4 pounds. Sexy chunk.

In other news, my sister also joined Weight Watchers, so being a bit of a "coach" will hopefully get my ass back in gear.

Right. Rewards.

Let's go.

(Subject to change based on my whims.)

155 - 5% loss - Get a mani/pedi.
147 - 10% loss - $30 towards Kindle books.
145 - healthy BMI - Buy new sheets.
142 - lowest weight - Find a new comforter.
139 - new decade - Get a massage.
136 - original goal - Dye my hair.
132 - college weight - New purse.
130 - Final Goal! - Tattoo? Maaaybe? Or possible just the biggest shopping spree ever.

*Incentivize is a fake word, right? It sounds fake. 

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