Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Complaints of 2013

1) God damn it, I didn't see that I was thisfuckingclose to 500 posts last year (heh last year). Why didn't I pound out a few more? I feel so unfulfilled. My mild OCD is raging.

2) I don't want to drive back to LA today. I just want to already be there, organizing like a madwoman, with Bentley following me from room to room, listening to music or watching TV or not being in the car. Don't wanna drive. Wah.

3) I was planning on yoga at my fave SB studio today. Start the year off right, you know. But...yeah. I kind of want to just get on the road and avoid potential traffic and...not be awesome. I'll be awesome tomorrow.

4) We've established that I don't want to drive, but I'd rather drive than go to yoga, but I'd also rather stay in bed than drive, which is where I am now, a place I have yet to leave. This bed is comfy. My parents' house is warm. I don't want to goooooo.

5) Except I do. 'Cause I miss my Tree.

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