Thursday, January 10, 2013

Excuses for eating like a fatso.

It's amazing how my brain comes up with myriad different rationalizations for putting chocolate in my mouth. Or fries. Or bacon bits. You know, whatever's handy.

Behold, the variety of reasons I use to convince myself it is absolutely 100% acceptable to pig out like a cow. (SO MANY ANIMALS.)

*I'm in a bad mood.
*I'm in a good mood.
*It's free.
*I already paid for it.
*It's cheap.
*It's expensive.
*I ate badly yesterday.
*I'll eat badly tomorrow.
*I'm lonely.
*I'm tired.
*I'm angry.
*I'm happy.
*I'm nervous.
*I'm bored.
*I'm sad.
*My week starts over tomorrow, so might as well.
*My week started over today, so might as well.
*It's the weekend.
*It's a weekday.
*I'm at work.
*I'm at home.
*I'm socializing.
*I'm hungry. (This is rarely the reason.)

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