Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Day Out

Yet another resolution has come to mind.

"Oh, shut up," you say.


I am going to try, at least once a day, to do something. To go somewhere, anywhere, that isn't my apartment or the office---the grocery store, yoga, the gas station, I don't really give a fuck. Just something that's outside of my normal routine, so I don't find myself living in this perpetual rut.

Today, I went TWO places. Wow.

The morning began, as usual, in bed, with no yoga, and a viewing of "Tangled", which is a fabulous movie indeed. Tree was judgy.

After therapy (yay therapy!) I went and had sushi, again, for lunch. How can I resist two rolls for $10 a four minute walk from my apartment? I cannot. This is my new substitution for constant McDonald's binges: sushi whenever I want. It's allowed.

My date with myself continued across the street with a viewing of "Django Unchained". I've lived in this neighborhood for a year and a half and have intended to go to this little theater near me seven million times, and of course, never did. Until today. I'm like, winning at life.

It's nice to go out in the world sometimes. But now I'm tired.

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