Friday, January 4, 2013

Show Me Your Royal Teeth

In my new grand tradition of saying YES, I agreed to go to a concert at the Roxy last night with my coworker. The band we wanted to see didn't even go on until 10:30, which is pretty much my bedtime, so you can imagine what a huge effort this was for me.

Be proud.

Of course, I had tons of fun. Half the fun was just having an excuse to wear my leather leggings, of course but the other half was actually being at the show. A bunch of bands played throughout the course of the night, we saw Lakes (pretty awesome actually, and the lead singer was hot), Active Set (meh, not my taste at all and the lead singer had douchey hair), and Royal Teeth, who we were there to see.

Lakes and Active Set

Royal Teeth
The lead singer jumped into the audience and whaled on
a drum. It was awesome. 

So. Fucking. Amazing.

Seriously, they were an incredible live act, and a class act after the show when my friend and I fan-girled all over them. They had great chemistry, amazing voices, and beautiful songs. Apparently their (super charismatic) lead singer was sick, but you couldn't even tell. I highly recommend their EP, "Act Naturally", I bought it on iTunes on Wednesday and haven't stopped listening to it since.

Also, an incredibly attractive band. I would hit all of it, man or woman.

Check them out!

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