Tuesday, January 8, 2013

66.666% Success Rate

Note to self: If you do not work out for a gazillion weeks, you will be sore when you go back to yoga.

Ow. Lifting my water bottle is a Herculean effort. My everything hurts.

But you know...in a good way. It feels sorta nice. My muscles are like, "Hey bitch, thanks for using us so we don't atrophy and die."

You're welcome, muscles!

In related news, I hit two out of three of my goals yesterday. That's a passing grade, right?

If my existence is made up of a trifecta of diet, exercise, and lifestyle, I rocked the shit out of the last two, if not so much the first one. For dinner I ate all the cookie dough out of a pint of ice cream. Then threw the rest away. And a Lean Cuisine pizza. Champion?

I did, however, do some thorough scrubbing of my apartment, and took out a bunch of trash and junk, and hung up all my clothes. I watched the premiere of "The Biggest Loser" followed by this week's "Revenge", then shut off my TV and read a book. Yes, a whole book!

Look at me, being a person.

Thanks for reading, here's a picture of my cat.

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