Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's My Birthday! (And tale of a yoga fail.)

5:40 AM

6:00-8:00 AM

Oh yeah, you read that right! Two hours of sweaty hot hot morning yoga. I've been planning this for weeks, and I'm so glad I did it. What a freaking awesome way to start my 25th year. The computer system told my instructors that it was my birthday so they greeted me with warmth and love and hugs. It makes me happy when people know it's my birthday, 'cause I may like attention. In case that wasn't evident. 

However, I did learn a very valuable lesson today about being properly fueled and hydrated for my practice. 

Turns out, if you go to two hours of morning yoga after having two cocktails the night before, very little water, and not enough sleep, you will puke in between classes. And because you don't want anyone in the locker room to hear you and force you to stop your practice, you will go outside and puke in a trash can in full view of the boxing gym across the complex.

I am all class.

Of course I felt 100% better after puking, and I took the second hour easy, and it was totally fine. But, lesson learned: Hydrate. Fuel.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR! And, um, sorry you got sick :( I've done work out dvd's at home after drinking beer. Not ideal.


    1. Thanks, Jenny!! WOOHOO ADULTHOOD!

      This morning really wasn't that bad, I just felt a little dumbfor letting it happen!