Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Lady's Worst Fear

It seems a cultural certainty that every woman fears becoming her mother. This particular cliche runs rampant in our society, and I won't deny that when I was younger I too thought this was something to avoid at all costs.

I realized this weekend as I stood handing out sandwiches at the Barbara Ireland Walk, wiggling my booty to the sweet, sweet sounds of some Earth, Wind and Fire, in many ways I am exactly like my mother.

And I am pretty content about it.

I will dance wherever I am, even if no one else is, just like she always has. I'm sure I will embarrass my children just as she embarrassed me as a kid, but isn't that what moms are for?

Honestly, my mom is pretty much the best. The best mom, the best woman, the best human being, one of my very best friends (don't be jealous, Biff). 

If I end up just like her, I'll be pretty damn lucky.

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