Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Recap

Birthday month is over, folks.

Let's have a moment of silence.


And we're done.

We have things to discuss, though. Oh, so many things. Fascinating things. Things of an administrative nature.

1) You probably didn't notice unless you're reading my blog as closely as you know, me, but I took the Lululemon pants off my reward list, and didn't explain why. Shame. Well, my ever so kind parents gave me a Lulu gift card for my birthday, and I got a head to toe new outfit! I even posted a picture of me in the outfit, but didn't mention it. For shame! It's hot as fuck, no?

2) I got business cards made for da blog. For FREEEE. I haven't decided what to DO with them yet, per se, but I will have them.

3) I updated some of the pages above, and added links to my links, Pinterest, and Twitter (which I rarely use, but maybe I will start).

4) I made a new button! If you have your own site and wish to link to my Crazy (it deserves a capital, wouldn't you say?), here's a button, button whose got the button?

5) My secret goal for the month was 5 posts per day, every day, and I hit it. Boom. Granted, I caught up the other day with 10 posts, if you were wonder why I was so damn prolific.

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