Friday, March 29, 2013

WW Recap 3/22-3/28: Half Win

I confess to being a cocky little narcissist this week.

I felt so good, and I really did think I looked so different, all in the facial region. And my ass. I'd get out of the shower and be all...

And I was like , "Daaamn, girl, you're totes gonna lose, like, SIX POUNDS THIS WEEK. Fosho."

Greedy bitch.

But I did lose 1.4 pounds, hitting my next goal right on the nose and earning my new yoga towel (which I ordered early, on Wednesday, so cocky was I). So yay!


1) Go to yoga four times. (Three. A bowl of soup, two hot hot classes. Was going to go to restorative last night with my fave teacher, but there was a sub, so I practiced at home. I don't feel bad about it. Also, two walks! And I already went to 6AM yoga today. So really, I have NO REGRETS.)
2) Read another book. (Half. In the middle of Gone Girl, it's good!)
3) Knit something. (Half of something. Look!)

4) Eat my activity points the day I earn them. (Yes! Also some weekly points, though, but I guess my goal didn't say I couldn't, so...)
5) Leave the office for lunch every day. (Yes! Home, home, DMV, grocery store, Target!)


1) Go to yoga four times. (Maybe five.)
2) Keep reading. (This is just like...a perma goal.)
3) Knit my other wrist warmer.
4) Don't get any take out. (This does not include dining out with friends, that is allowed.)
5) Get my blog draft folder under 25.

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