Sunday, March 24, 2013

Follow Through

In our hours upon hours of discussing the male sex, my friends and I have identified the one quality we wish men would possess, or work on, or order off the Internet....or want to have.

Follow through.

In our experiences, men make grand promises. You hang out, you have fun, they like you and your lady charms, they cannot help themselves and suggest all the fun things they want to do with you that never materialize. They ask for your number and never use it, promise to text and never do, they make plans and don't show up, disappear off the face of the earth, you know what I'm talkin' about. Lack of follow through all over the place. It's a problem. What they don't get, is they don't have to make these promises. Just...don't. We won't be nearly as irritated.

In Vegas, I gave my number to one of the Canadians I was chatting with, only because at one point he shouted in my face, "YOU ARE NOT LEAVING UNTIL I HAVE YOUR NUMBER, SEXY!"

Well, okay then.

I have given my number out in Vegas before. But you know, the old adage is quite true, and what happens there stays there or it should and there's only one guy I've ever communicated with after I've fled the city limits, hungover and sore-footed. And he was in San Diego.

Except this time. Of course, THIS one had to have follow through. But again of course, the only reason this one probably has follow through is probably because he lives in another country. If he lived any closer, even in oh say, Cleveland, I'd never hear from him again. And the thing is, I really had no interest in hearing from him. None.

First it was nice, flattering, a few texts after we left the club begging me to come back. Then a few the next day, asking how the drive home was.

Then more, wanting to chat. Telling me about his hockey team? And honestly, I was not replying that often, every few I'd shoot back a line or so, 'cause I'm polite.

Then an early birthday text, and an on time one. And a Facebook friend request, which I just had to ignore, and I had to start ignoring the texts too. Cowardly, perhaps, but I just wasn't quite sure what else to do with this Canadian with that long sought follow through.

And that friend request just sits there sadly.

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