Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sun and Sand

Of course, a beach walk. You didn't think I'd have a Santa Barbara weekend without one, did you?

A slight change to the line up of the usual suspects this time, though: a boy. Here's proof that, yes, I do have male friends.

I know, right? That's, well...a former manfriend, let's say. We dated then we didn't then maybe I kind of rerunned a bit on that for awhile, and now we're just friends who mostly chat online and exchange links and shit. I haven't seen in him in months and he accompanied us on a glorious morning stroll.

I offered to make lunch for him, but unfortunately he is the only human being in the world that Deuce does not like. He was fine at the beach because it was neutral territory, but the second we got back to the house and started to go inside he freaked out and started barking and biting at my friend's feet, so he decided he'd rather eat somewhere else. Boo.

Weird dog.

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