Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"It's all fun and games until someone loses a penis."

I have successfully watched all available SVU episodes on Netflix.

I am on molestation overload.

I'm sure at some point I'll hunt down the newer episodes and watch them all in standard marathon fashion, but for now I am months behind all my currently airing TV-shows, and I need a break from murder and mayhem.

But first, I present... 

The SVU Drinking Game

Drink every time Olivia says, "I am the product of my mother's rape."
Drink every time Munch posits a conspiracy theory.
Drink every time Stabler is sexist.
Drink every time Stabler says something homophobic.
Drink every time Ice-T's acting is particularly bad.
Drink every time he says "That's messed up."
Drink every time Someone Takes The Case Personally.
Drink every time Cabot says something sassy.
Drink every time Novak is wearing a pea green suit.
Drink every time Cragen yells at the detectives.
Drink every time Stabler's daughter is an asshole.
Do a shot every time BD Wong shows up.
Do a shot every time someone calls Olivia a bitch.
Do a shot every time the police rough up a suspect.
Do a shot every time the famous guest star is NOT the perp.
Finish your drink every time you don't find out who really did it.

And then be really really REALLY DRUNK, but make sure to be safe and don't go home with a stranger, or even someone you know. 'Cause you can't trust ANYONE.

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