Friday, March 29, 2013

Time for Trade

Tonight was my first yoga for trade shift at my studio! From here on out (or until they fire me, or I decide I'd rather pay $100+ bucks a month again instead of working on Friday nights) I will be cleaning the studio three hours a week in exchange for unlimited yoga.

Pretty solid deal, right? It works out to be more than $10 an hour, or if I go 3+ times a week, one class per hour, and I'm hoping it'll get me more involved in the community, and maybe I'll even make a FRIEND. Just one. I'm not greedy.

And my prediction came true. I knew I'd be working with a guy, and I figured he'd be hot and have lickable abs. Yup. Hot, as most yoga boys seem to be, and nice. And since there were two of us, there was less work overall. It got to be about 7, and he asked me if I was planning to take a class.

"We can...we can DO THAT?!" My mouth dropped open.

So I did. Two classes in one day.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my shit together in time to do the 7:15, which would have been my preference (my stuff was in the car, as I didn't think I'd be practicing), so I did the 7:30 sculpt with him. Well, not WITH him, he was in the front and I was in the back, but you know.

1) Laid down most of the time.

2) 'Cause this teacher was fucking BRUTAL. Without a doubt the hardest teacher at the studio, he was seriously kicking everyone's ass, no matter how in shape they were. Honestly, he wasn't really to my taste, very "gym" in tone, like "one two three vinyasa!",  but he was really nice and positive, maybe I'll try his classes again but NOT sculpt for awhile!

After class, my fellow cleaner finished his shift, and I mopped down the floors, dragging my already exhausted ass around with a mop.

Just as I was telling the instructor that my nickname is "Hurricane Taylor" because I make a mess wherever I go, I spilled the entire bucket of soapy water all over the studio floor.

That was fun.

I'm such a disaster.

I'll confess, I was having major anxiety all day about tonight. I had convinced myself I'd forgotten everything I'd learned at the training, everything I know about how to clean, how to be a responsible adult, how to be a person. I was convinced I'd accidentally burn a hole in the floor. So, I guess spilling a bucket of water is the best it could have gone.

Yeah, that was my night. Total I was there almost four hours, so I feel okay about taking a class during my work shift.

And then I drove up to SB and now I'm tucked into bed with the pup, ready for another spa-like weekend of housesitting.

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