Monday, March 18, 2013

Thought Dump


Here they are. In a haphazardly organized fashion.

'Cause it's Monday.

Fuck Monday.

1) I am probably going to make it through an entire box of tissues today. DAMN MY LEAKY NOSE.

2) My sexy hoarse Vegas voice turned into a hacking cough. It's very attractive.

3) Considering items 1 and 2, you'd think I'm sick, but I feel fine otherwise. Allergies, I guess? I AM SUCH A HOT MESS.

4) I'm wearing my new dress (a gift from me to me) again today. Two compliments before noon! I snort compliments like cocaine. OR I WOULD IF MY NOSE WASN'T STUFFY.

5) My birthday flowers lasted over the weekend and bloomed bigger and prettier than before! I will take them home with me tonight.

6) Tonight will be a night of productivity. Noooo laptop, even though that's not even on my goal list. Who AM I? I will put away all my nice clean laundry, and I will do some goddamn dishes, and I will deal with the cat litter situation, and I will vacuum.

7) And then I will sleeeeep. I swear, I have still not caught up since Vegas.

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