Friday, March 22, 2013

WW Recap 3/15-3/21: Spring Attitude

This week was a happy little spring bloom. I shook off the slight gloom of last week, and everything was  bright and shiny and wonderful...if you ignore the fact, you know, spring brought me an allergy explosion that necessitated four boxes of tissues in four days.

I am actually really glad that last week happened. I am glad that I fell off the wagon a bit, had some bingey days, sooner rather than later. I'm glad that I got my shit together before I went completely nuts, and I didn't go completely off the rails, I just...had a bad spell. And I got over it. I'm human, it happens, I dealt with it. I learned that I can get back on the horse. I won't always be perfect. It was a good lesson.

Progress. Knowledge. Growth. Woo.

Weight was good this week. A couple ounces up from where it was last time I logged it, but who really gives a fuck? Not this girl.

Goals from last week?

1) Go to yoga three times. (Nope, oh well! Favorite Friday class, gross allergy sickness all week.)
2) Read another book. (Some?)
3) Knit something. (Nooooo! I have a project in progress! On my bookcase! I just...forget! Because I cannot multitask and knit! And I love to multitask!)
4) Stay 100% OP. (Yes!)
5) Track everything. (Yes!)

Goals for this week?

1) Go to yoga four times.
2) Read another book.
3) Knit something.
4) Eat my activity points the day I earn them.
5) Leave the office for lunch every day.

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