Friday, March 22, 2013

A Damsel Moment

I think I had me a movie moment yesterday.

It was almost quitting time, and I was ready to head out. Soooo ready. I'd been ready to quit since I got there, honestly. I had just returned to my desk from playing with the kittens, and we had a visitor.

We often get people looking for other businesses, as over the years our building used to be various government services like Social Security, Department of Mental Health, so on, and there are still places on the Internet that list our address (SCREW YOU GOOGLE). But yesterday's visitor was not looking for a anything in particular. He just wandered on in randomly.


I could tell right away, but I smiled and said "Hi, how can I help you?"

"What do youse guys do here?"

I told him, and he said, "You steal people's business?!?!"

I politely explained a bit more about what we do as he swayed on his feet, then he knelt down and laid his head down on my desk, explaining that he was tired from his war injuries and needed a break. At this point two of my fave tech guys were hovering a few feet away, and I guess a few men around the office were on alert (and my crush rose to his feet in the way back like he was going to come save me, *swoon*). Such nice boys here.

It was the only time I remember feeling like a damsel in distress. Even though I wasn't remotely in distress, because I wasn't remotely threatened by the situation, at all.

Smooth Taylor said, "We close up at five thirty, so..." and he got the hint and headed out...picking up his 40 on the way.

So, at least he didn't bring his beer in.

What a gentleman.

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