Sunday, March 24, 2013

A warm bowl of soup.

I call Yoga Soup in Santa Barbara my home studio. I haven't been here in far too long, I don't think I've even written about it on the blog before, but this is my place. When I walk up to the door, I feel home.

This is where I really fell in love with yoga. The first studio I took yoga was the Santa Barbara Yoga Center, another great place in town, but Yoga Soup is where I first connected to my practice, first connected to my body and realized there was something there, something to be nurtured and loved.

The only class I really go to at Yoga Soup is called, funny enough, Yoga Soup. Taught by the studio owner Eddie, the classes are described as "a class offering nothing, if we're lucky". What I love about the class is that Eddie almost preaches throughout class, talking to you about your self image and the voices in your head and your judgments. He talks plainly about the shapes we make in yoga, how it's just a shape and nothing more, how we can't place too much weight on what it is or what we think it's supposed to be, we just have to be in the moment and observe.

Class tonight was lovely. It was really mellow, and now that I think about it I remember his Sunday night class being on the more relaxed side, so next time I'll have to hit a morning class if I want my ass kicked. But it was so nice to be home.

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