Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fear and Fuel

There was one thing I didn't mention when I told you about my yoga fears a few weeks ago.

Yoga sculpt. Yoga with weights. The hot room. Plus yoga. Plus MOTHERFUCKING WEIGHTS.

I used to do these classes back before my meltdown, and they kicked my squishy ass, but since I started back I've had this mental block about them. I've been scared. Scared that they'd just be no fun at all and they'd kill my yoga joy, scared they'd be too hard and I'd pass out, scared to even try.

But I went this morning. I could barely sleep actually, I was so excited to go. And yeah, it was rough, but I did it, and I'm gonna keep doing it, and it's gonna make my arms look buff as shit, and I burned a bunch of calories, and YAY FOR BEATING MY FEARS.

Oh, and since this was my first morning practice after my birthday fail, I ate a banana before class, and I definitely think it made me feel stronger. Somehow I got it into my head that practicing without eating made me a bad ass, or something. Obviously that's bullshit, and kind of disordered. I'm over it now. Fuel is good. BANANAS FOR LYFE.

Check out this GIANT banana I had at work yesterday, by the way.

That's a magnum size banana.

Banana is a weird word.


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