Monday, March 18, 2013

My Ginger Fetish

I got honked at in traffic the other day.

Usually I assume every single honk I hear is meant for me, so self-absorbed am I, and they never are. I'm usually a pretty good driver. This one was though. This one was directed right at my idling ass as I sat blocking traffic at a green light, distracted by the sight of a particularly gorgeous ginger jogger on the sidewalk.

He was delicious. Shaggy red hair. Nice shoulders. Aviators. Abs glistening with rivulets of sweat, thighs strong in tight running shorts, ass I certainly wouldn't mind grabbing and...


Guys, I have a problem.

You'd think I would have learned my lesson after dating a few gingers. They tend to misbehave. Soulless creatures. But I cannot resist.

So let's check some out.

Prince Harry

Via The Sun

Damian Lewis


Tom Hiddleston


Seth Green


Michael Fassbender

Via Celebitchy
Oh, deary deary me. I'm feeling a bit flustered.

Too bad gingers are apparently so disinterested in me.

Fickle little fuckers.

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